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Fishpeople Seafood: Sustainable Seafood in a Pouch

by Paulina Dao

Fishpeople Seafood: Sustainable Seafood Camp Food Review

Backcountry meals don’t always have to be freeze dried meals in pouches. In fact, you can get high protein, gluten-free, sustainably caught, and locally grown and absolutely tasty meals where you don’t even have to add water. How? By eating Fishpeople Seafood.

With a mission of harvesting only sustainable seafood, Fishpeople Seafood helps support local communities and fisheries to ensure healthy fish populations for years to come. This detail and attention to the product ensures that you know exactly who caught your fish and where it came from. You can even track your food with the code on the back of your pouch. All ingredients are sourced locally and each product lists out the ingredients in painstaking detail.

Fishpeople Seafood: Sustainable Seafood Camp Food Review

The Fishpeople Seafood pouches are easy to prepare. If you’re backpacking with only a tiny stove, it might be a pain to get these hot. But fear not, these can be eaten cold too. If you’re car camping or you’ve the luxury of a large pot, lazy meals have never been made easier. All you need to do is submerge a pouch in boiling water for 4 minutes. If you’re at home and you just don’t feel like cooking, pop this into the microwave. One minute with a one-inch vent, and dinner is served. Eat it right out of the pouch, or pour it over rice, veggies, pasta, whatever you’ve got. Feeling creative? Fishpeople Seafood has recipes available on their blog too, along with recommended pairings for each individual product. The opportunities are endless.

Fishpeople Seafood is available at Target (in-store only), Amazon, or their website. Pictured above is the Chinook Salmon in Chardonnay Reduction over sweet potatoes. It was delicious.

This was provided to me for review. Fishpeople Seafood were also sponsors of #HellHikeAndRaft.

Last updated on July 31, 2017.

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