Bay Area Climbers Coalition: Why I Volunteer

Climbing Yosemite Half Dome Bay Area Climbers Coalition

I grew up in a household where it was bad to speak up. I was raised to accept things as they are. To never question authority. To never get involved. To never rock the boat. To sit down and be quiet because someone else is always right.

That mentality kind of, sort of stuck with me throughout the years. While I’ve never been fully checked out, I’ve also never dove in deeply to support a cause or an organization. I donate money from time to time. I volunteer from time to time. But I wanted something more.

After last year’s election, I wanted to do something. Now, I run social media for the Bay Area Climbers Coalition.

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Six Gifts for the Outdoor Advocate in Your Life

Backpacking Fourth of July Lake, Mokelumne Wilderness, June 2017

With the holidays dead ahead, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for family and friends. I love the process of giving presents, and thinking about things people would really adore. I’m not big on giving stuff if it’s not meaningful. I scoured the internet to find a few items that I would really love. So, I present to you, six gifts for the outdoor advocate in your life.
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Backpacking the Laugavegur, Hraftinnusker hut

Laugavegur Trail: Landmannalaugar to Hvanngil

Hiking the Laugavegur Trek, Landmannalaugar to Hvanngil

The Laugavegur is Iceland’s most famous trek. It’s not hard to see why. The 55 kilometer hike from Landmannalaugar to Skógar covers some of the most unreal scenery, from lush meadows, to foreboding glaciers, to burnt orange, volcanic hills.

When we decided we were going to Iceland this summer, the Laugavegur was the first thing I started booking. We were going to hike the damn thing, come hell or high water. Our itinerary was Landmannalaugar to Hvanngil, and Hvanngil to Thorsmork.

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Hiking Landmannalaugar Iceland

Hiking Landmannalaugar, Iceland

Hiking Landmannalaugar Iceland

Back in August, Josh and I headed off to Iceland for two weeks of adventure and fun. (This is a testament to my laziness since it’s been a month and a half since we got back.) Up in the highlands, our first stop was Landmannalaugar. Our first day in Iceland was a bit of a wash. With ridiculous jetlag, we did nothing but sleep to try to recuperate for the upcoming two weeks. We woke up bright and early our first morning at the Reykjavik City Hostel to catch our bus.

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