How to introduce someone to the outdoors

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I didn’t grow up outdoorsy. My parents did not either. I recently had the chance to show my mom around Lake Tahoe. I’m lucky because my mom had to go along with whatever shenanigans I concocted. Most people are not as fortunate (or unfortunate?). After three days of making my mom try things out of her comfort zone, I have all the tips for you to successfully introduce a loved one to the outdoors. If I could do it again, these are the things that I would keep in mind.

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Pyramid Peak to Price Traverse, Desolation Wilderness

Visible from Sacramento on a clear day, the Crystal Range is one of the most stunning ranges in the Lake Tahoe area. Desolation Wilderness from its lakes is great and all, but have you experienced it from above? The Pyramid to Price Traverse is a 3rd/4th class scramble along the Crystal Range. The traverse itself spans 2 miles. Getting out of the traverse is the toughest part. Here’s everything you need to know about the Pyramid Peak to Price Traverse.

Pyramid Peak to Price Traverse

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