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Wild Rye Holly Jersey Review

by Paulina Dao
Wild Rye Holly Jersey Review

I hate bike clothing almost as much as I hate bike culture. I don’t really understand why everyone looks like they are sponsored by their local coffee shop or brewery or corporation. I don’t race. I’m not hardcore. I just wanna ride my gravel bike and go wee woo, eat snacks, and generally have fun. The Wild Rye Holly Jersey is the perfect cycling top for someone who isn’t a pro, but is more than just an occasional rider.

Wild Rye Holly Jersey Review

The Wild Rye Holly Jersey is a lightweight poly-merino-spandex blend. It’s more poly, than it is merino, so it might get a little stinkier than your average merino shirt. This is designed as a enduro/bike park-style jersey, but it’s versatile enough to hit the trails, or garden in. Mesh panels on the sides keep things breathable. The Wild Rye Holly Jersey is pictured here with the Wild Rye Eleanor Chammy.

Wild Rye Holly Jersey Specs

Material84% poly, 11% merino, 5% spandex dri release
Weight175 grams per square meter
Price$99 from Wild Rye
Wild Rye Holly Jersey Review

What I Liked

The sun protection & versatility. The Wild Rye Holly Jersey is an awesome, lightweight jersey for riding when it’s cold. It performs well when it’s hot (over 95 degrees, if you were wondering). Even in triple digit temperatures, I never felt like it was weighing me down. Many folks remarked about me riding in long sleeves in the heat, but I’d rather have the sun protection than not. It also dries off fairly quickly if you get it wet.

The colors. I love colors! The branding is super subtle, so people will only know you’re wearing Wild Rye if they know. I absolutely all the colors.

Wild Rye Holly Jersey Review

What’s Okay

The smell. Despite having only 11% merino, if you get this wet, you will smell like a wet sheep. It’s mostly poly in the blend as well, so this shirt can get stinky if you wear it multiple days in a row, or you’re going extra sweaty and hard.

The Verdict

The Wild Rye Holly Jersey is versatile for all seasons, especially on those triple digit days where I don’t want to go riding, but I told someone I would. Considering the fact that I now own 4 of the Wild Rye Holly Jerseys–three of which are the same color because I love a good color and sale–I will be buying this over and over again if/when my budget allows.

Buy the Wild Rye Holly Jersey from Wild Rye, REI, or Evo for $99.

The Wild Rye Holly Jersey is paired in these photos with the Wild Rye Eleanor Chammy, if matching is your thing!

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