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Fishpeople Seafood: Sustainable Seafood in a Pouch

Fishpeople Seafood: Sustainable Seafood Camp Food Review

Backcountry meals don’t always have to be freeze dried meals in pouches. In fact, you can get high protein, gluten-free, sustainably caught, and locally grown and absolutely tasty meals where you don’t even have to add water. How? By eating Fishpeople Seafood.

With a mission of harvesting only sustainable seafood, Fishpeople Seafood helps support local communities and fisheries to ensure healthy fish populations for years to come. This detail and attention to the product ensures that you know exactly who caught your fish and where it came from. You can even track your food with the code on the back of your pouch. All ingredients are sourced locally and each product lists out the ingredients in painstaking detail.

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The Pillow Plus: Comfort in the Backcountry

The Pillow Plus Review The Pillow Plus Review

Pillows are kind of a thing of luxury when you’re out in the wilderness. Why pack extra weight when you can just stuff some clothes into a stuff sack or your down jacket into its hood and call it a night? With the Pillow Plus, you can call those uncomfortable nights a thing of the past.

Made out of thick plastic and covered in a polyester-spandex material, the Pillow Plus weighs about 4 oz and packs down to about 6″ x 4”. To inflate the pillow, you bite down on the valve and blow; it’s pretty simple, as long as you remember to bite. Otherwise, you’ll be huffing and puffing for nothing. You also need to make sure you’re inflating the Pillow Plus inside the cover. It’s near impossible to get the cover over the fully blown up plastic. Inflated, the Pillow Plus dimensions are about 18” x 10”, large enough for even the biggest of heads. The stretchy fabric comes with a strap that you can use to clip to your sleeping pad, preventing your pillow from sliding around.

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#HellHikeAndRaft Day 4: Rapids on the Snake

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#HellHikeAndRaft Day 4: Rapids on the Snake

We spent night three being lulled to sleep by the flow of the Snake River. We slept on these incredibly comfortable, self-inflating paco pads. The dark was much warmer down in Hells Canyon than up in the Seven Devils. Morning came and we were greeted by the smell of pancakes and sausage. We didn’t know it, but vacation and relaxation were about to really begin.

Day four and our first day on the Snake River was going to be our toughest yet, filled with Class IV and III rapids. Not going to lie, I was a little nervous; this was going to be my first time rafting!

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