Triple Aught Design Artemis Hoodie

Triple Aught Design Artemis Hoodie Review

I’ve had the Triple Aught Design Artemis Hoodie since February of this year. Basically the minute I left the Hayes Valley store with it was the minute it became glued to my body (only to be alternated with the boyfriend’s Flux hoodie which he accidentally shrunk so it is now mine, and yes, review to come).

I love the Artemis Hoodie. Love. It. Love it to pieces (and to pieces I did love it because now it needs to be repaired). It’s great for everything. And I mean it. Every. Single. Thing. I wear it when I’m gallivanting around the city. It accompanies me to and from work. It’s a great climbing and hiking midlayer. The hoodie soaks up sweat while snowboarding and keeps me warm. It keeps me warm on wet kayak missions. The Artemis hoodie is basically everything you will ever need in a technical, but casual hoodie.

When you need to stay warm, this form fitting layer does the job.. The Artemis Hoodie layers well under every shell and waterproof jacket imaginable. Get cold easily? Thumb holes allow you to pull your sleeves down, or if you’re weird like me and you like your sleeves covering your hands. A long back means people don’t see your butt crack when you bend over.

Also, did I mention Artemis Hoodie is made of merino wool? And merino wool is pretty much magical. Soaking wet while kayaking in the San Juan Islands? No problem, I’m still toasty because I’ve got my trusty Artemis hoodie on.

The Artemis Hoodie cons are…
  • The hood. This hood is the least flattering hood ever. It’s got the strangest shape when worn because it’s designed to lay flat against your back when you’re not wearing it. Plus it’s kind of small. It doesn’t fit on your head very well if you have a ponytail on, so you have to keep pulling it back on.
  • The neck, fully zipped. Before it’s “broken in”, when you fully zip up the hoodie, the neck can be very restrictive. It’s bearable, but this might be a not selling point for people who hate being uncomfortable around the jugular. It’s definitely inconvenient until it’s broken in, and even then, it rests in a slightly awkward, kind of annoying way.

Buy the Artemis Hoodie from Triple Aught Design for $205.

Not the right fit? Try the Triple Aught Design Valkyrie Hoodie.

On a side note, TAD, could you please make more stuff for women? Pretty please? I will gladly fork over my paychecks from now through the end of the year. Please and thank you. Love, Paulina.

Last updated on March 1, 2019.