Tarptent Scarp 2 in Desolation Wilderness

Tarptent Scarp 2 review

The boyfriend and I just got the Tarptent Scarp 2 for our adventures. What better place to christen it than Tahoe? I’m currently in the process of trying to squeeze as much fun as possible into the last bit of warm sunshine for the year, so ended up doing a brief weekend trip to Desolation Wilderness and the Velmas.

The Tarptent Scarp 2 is a roomy 2-person, 4-season tent. Forgot to take photos of the inside, but you can fit two people comfortably. And three people not as comfortably.

It’s got a nice inner compartment with two entry ways and two vestibules on opposite ends. Don’t want to wait for your slow tentmate to take his/her shoes off and get inside? No problem, because you have your own entrance. The vestibules are also roomy enough to shelter your packs from most of the elements.

Tarptent Scarp 2 review

Setup supposedly is under 2 minutes, but the inital tries took around 10-15 minutes to figure out all the bits and pieces and nuances of the tent. The tent has one main pole that will serve for most mild conditions (pictured above). For windy and snowy situations, optional 17 oz. cross poles are also available to stabilize the tent further.

Missing from the above photos are the cross poles. Unfortunately, we did not bring those cross poles on this trip and our tent was subject to gale force winds.

Tarptent Scarp 2 review

The tent does surprisingly well in cold weather, retaining some heat and keeping wind and rain at bay. I wanted to stay curled up in my sleeping bag forever as the wind howled around us.

The Scarp 2 is a fairly light shelter at 60 oz. Split between two people, it feels like nothing. It’s a on the slightly bulkier side due to size, but the weight is barely noticeable. I will sacrifice that bit of extra space for more wiggle room in the tent any day.

At $339 for the tent, it’s on the pricier end of things, but if you have the cash, the space, weight and versatility are well worth it.

Tarptents are handmade in Nevada City, CA. For full specs, please visit the Tarptent.