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Melanzana alternatives Melly alternatives

If you know of Melanzana, you know how difficult it is to get your hands on one of their coveted Micro Grid Hoodies. It’s a versatile piece that’s great for climbing, backpacking, skiing, lounging, and more. Their products are only available at their headquarters in Leadville, by appointment. With resale prices of Melanzana hoodies going for over twice of their retail cost, it’s not economical to buy secondhand. If you’ve always wanted to pick up a Melly (it’s what the cool kids say), here’s a list of Melanzana alternatives to tide you over, because nobody should be without this ultra cozy, technical fleece.

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#12DaysOfGiveaways Outdoor Research Uberlayer Hoody

Outdoor Research Uberlayer Giveaway

When it’s hot then it’s cold, and it’s sunny then cloudy, there’s no better insulation than the Outdoor Research Uberlayer Hoody. With enough insulation to keep you warm and breathable enough to dump excess heat, the Uberlayer is the perfect midlayer for those days when you’re not quite sure what the weather will bring. Snowboarding, climbing, cycling around the city… if you’re working up a sweat, this jacket has your back. This versatile jacket has captured my heart at Little Grunts and the hearts of the folks over at Backpacker and Outside Magazine. For my last giveaway in the #12DaysOfGiveaways, this baby can be yours!

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