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How to Train for Summer Backpacking During COVID-19

by Paulina Dao

This post is sponsored by Merrell and Zappos.

Summer backpacking is just around the corner. But there’s a wee bit of a problem… we’re all mostly stuck inside. If you live somewhere where getting outside responsibly and safely isn’t an option, there are still ways to prep for a summer on the trails. Here’s how to train for summer backpacking during COVID-19.

Training for Summer Backpacking During COVID-19

Hit the stairs.

If you can’t hike outside, the second best thing is to hike inside.  Find some stairs and get truckin’. I’m eager to test out these Merrell shoes I got from Zappos for summer trips out in the wild. For now running up and down the stairs will have to do. If you’re finding your stair routine a little too easy, load up your pack like you’re actually going backpacking.  Once the summer comes, elevation gain has nothin’ on you and that booty.

Training for Summer Backpacking During COVID-19

Test out your meals.

With stay-at-home orders in place, and grocery store shelves stripped bare, now’s as good a time as ever to test out all the backpacking meals and snacks you’ve ever purchased! Once we’re allowed outside, you’ll know the foods you love and the things you absolutely cannot stand.

Training for Summer Backpacking During COVID-19

Streamline your packing.

Packing and unpacking your backpack is something that only gets more efficient with practice. Get ahead of the game and start practicing now. How quickly can you break down your tent and get your whole setup into your pack? How quickly can you go from pack to snuggled in your tent?

Fix, clean, or replace any gear.

It’s been a while since you touched this stuff. Take some time to go through and see what needs fixing, cleaning, or replacing. That first aid kit that drowned too many times in torrential downpour probably needs new bandaids. Patch that puffy jacket. Your water filter most likely needs to be backwashed. Make sure all your gear is in tiptop shape before you head out on your next backpacking excursion.

Check all your waterproofing.

Don’t wait to get caught in a summer storm to find out your waterproof jacket really isn’t waterproof anymore. Can your outerwear still handle (literal) showers?

Retire those old hiking boots.

Are your boots falling apart at the seams? Zappos is awesome for your footwear needs. With fast, free shipping and a 365-day return policy, you’ll have new kicks to break in in no time. These Merrell Bravadas are comfortable, waterproof, and colorful for everyday and outdoor wear.

Break in your hiking boots.

Who says you have to hit a trail to wear hiking boots? Inside is as good as any trail to start loosening up your shoes while we are quarantined during COVID-19. The best part is these can be your inside shoes if your feet get cold or your floors are in need of a good mopping.

Hike a mile (or more) in your home.

This might seem monotonous, but backpacking is nothing but one foot in front of the other, for many miles, for many hours. Get a head start. At least there aren’t mosquitoes inside.

Training for Summer Backpacking During COVID-19

Mix up your training.

Tired of walking around in circles inside? Do some lunges with stuff you have lying around. Maybe some squats with your bear can. When in doubt, core it out, because that part of your body keeps you upright and stable. Keep your Merrell shoes on throughout your workout – they are as versatile as they are practical, and perfectly accommodate any training you decide to do.

Lastly, when you’re tired of bouncing around your home, cozy up on the couch and do some trip research. If you can’t get out, at least you can plan it out, and brainstorm all the ways you plan to put your Merrell boots to the test. #CreateYourTrail #GotItOnZappos #MerrellOutside

How to Train for Summer Backpacking During COVID-19

Last updated on April 9, 2020.

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