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The Ultimate Guide to Zion Traverse Backpacking

Backpacking the Zion Traverse Trans Zion Trail 101

You’re heading to Zion National Park and you want something a little more off the beaten path? The Zion Traverse, also known as the Trans-Zion Trek, is a set of trails that traverses the entire park. It’s typically done from north to south so you’re going downhill-ish for most of the hike, but if you wanted to get extra miserable, you could do it in the reverse direction. Read on for my tips on planning a successful trip across Utah’s first national park.

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Day Three on the Zion Traverse: Potato Hollow to Zion Valley

Backpacking the Zion Traverse West Rim March 2017

After yesterday’s wet and soggy ordeal, we decided that today would be our last day. Jeff’s feet skin was peeling. I was doing fine but I couldn’t leave my adventure partner behind. We both had about 3L of water left to finish the last leg of the trail from Potato Hollow down into Zion Valley. From there, we’d take the bus out to the Court of the Patriarchs trailhead and hitch a ride back to my rental car up at the East Entrance.

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