Arc’teryx Creston 4.5 Shorts Review

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Arc'teryx Creston 4.5 Short Review

I’ve written about my struggles in outdoor shorts previously. For the longest time, the Outdoor Research Contour Shorts were my go-to for hiking, backpacking, and climbing. As of Spring 2019, Arc’teryx introduced the Creston 4.5 Shorts, which replaced the Contour Shorts’ long run in my closet. Here’s how the Arc’teryx Creston 4.5 Shorts fared.

Arc’teryx Creston 4.5 Shorts Specs

FabricAbron™— 90% nylon, 10% elastane
Weight5.1 oz
PocketsTwo reinforced back patch pockets, right side seam pocket with invisible zip, two open hand pockets
ActivitiesHiking, backpacking, climbing
Arc'teryx Creston 4.5 Short Review
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What I like

Butt pockets! My biggest gripe with the Outdoor Research Contour Shorts is that it didn’t have butt pockets. Butt pockets on the Creston 4.5 Short make life so much easier for carrying a phone.

For outdoor shorts, they’re short and flattering. These are the perfect length for protecting my legs from abrasive things, and letting me show off my legs. I don’t look stumpy in these.

The shorts are short, but not too short. A harness fits comfortably over them without giving you a wedgie.

The material is a workhorse. The Arc’teryx Creston 4.5 Short have spent many days bouldering with me. And when I boulder, I scream bloody murder as I slide down rocks on my butt. Aside from some sap stains, these look as good as new.

Arc'teryx Creston 4.5 Short Review

What I don’t like

Arc’teryx isn’t kidding when they say these are trim fit. They are trim. I’m a solid Arc’teryx 2 or an XS from the Sabria Pant to the Oriel Leggings. I can fit my butt into these, but aside from how nice it looks on my butt, the rest isn’t pretty. The camel toe is strong with these shorts.

Arc'teryx Creston 4.5 Short Review
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What’s the verdict?

I’ll keep the Arc’teryx Creston 4.5 Shorts for now until I find something better. Sizing up may help, but currently, all the good colors are out of stock on Arc’teryx’s website. I’m a little worried that they won’t be as flattering and I’ll be swimming in fabric. (Although can you really say camel toe is flattering?)

Buy the Arc’teryx Creston 4.5 Shorts through CampSaver for $89.

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Last updated on August 31, 2020.

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