Mammoth Lakes: Crowley Lake Columns

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Crowley Lake Columns Eastern Sierra

The Crowley Lake Columns are a little Eastern Sierra secret. If you’re a good internet creeper, you’ll be able to find directions to them with enough digging.

Crowley Lake Columns Eastern Sierra

However, I will not be revealing this location due to the amount of garbage and destruction I found there. Seriously, I filled an entire trash bag with beer bottles and I kept uncovering more. If you do go find the Crowley Lake Columns, please bring a trash bag and help pack out garbage.

Crowley Lake Columns Eastern Sierra

Formed by water and wind eroding soft volcanic rock, the columns are delicate and magnificent structures that span maybe a good mile of the lake. I didn’t have enough time to get to the good stuff, but what I saw was still pretty cool.

Crowley Lake Columns Eastern Sierra Crowley Lake Columns Eastern Sierra

To get to the Crowley Lake Columns, you’ll need an all-wheel drive vehicle that’s capable of going off roading. Most of the stuff is pretty tame. However you do go up and down some steep hills. There are a few sandy spots on the way to Crowley Lake Columns.

Crowley Lake Columns Eastern Sierra

If you do make it out here, give yourself a few hours to explore. It’s so beautiful and extremely quiet. There are plenty of caves to poke around in and crawl through. The view isn’t half bad either.

Crowley Lake Columns Eastern Sierra

Please leave the Crowley Lake Columns better than you found them. Pick up any trash you see and Leave No Trace.

Nearby Crowley Lake Columns, hike Convict Lake and Convict Canyon, the Devils Postpile National Monument, or explore the Mammoth Hot Springs. Head south to Bishop and search for petroglyphs.

There’s more adventure along the 395. Road trip the Eastern Sierra.

Explore the Crowley Lake Columns in the Eastern Sierra near Mammoth Lakes, CA

Last updated on January 4, 2019.


  1. My wife and I just visited this place last weekend and are wondering what this place is named. I google Crowley lake and found your site. I agree with you wholeheartedly for not revealing the location of this place. I shall do the same!

    1. After living at Hilton Creek/Crowley lake from 1946 to 1960 and never knowing of this amazing find, I pray it will remain untouched so that someday the Whear kids and others can enjoy it. My brothers fished Crowley for years and considered that area THE CLAY BANKS!!! Amazing that years later these magnificent pilars would be uncovered!!

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