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Roadtrip the Eastern Sierra in 4 Days

Roadtrip the Eastern Sierra

A few years ago I celebrated my 25th birthday in the Eastern Sierra. I had four whole days dedicated to fun, some driving to and from the Bay Area, but no agenda. I’d been to the East Side before, to tackle Mt. Whitney and some ice climbing, but had never driven the length of 395. I’m always stuck with the dilemma of trying to see something of everything, or sticking to just one spot. For my 25th trip around the sun, I was going to try to see a bit of it all.

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Mammoth Lakes: Crowley Lake Columns

Crowley Lake Columns Eastern Sierra

The Crowley Lake Columns are a little Eastern Sierra secret. If you’re a good internet creeper, you’ll be able to find directions to them with enough digging. However, I will not be revealing this location due to the amount of garbage and destruction I found there. Seriously, I filled an entire trash bag with beer bottles and I kept uncovering more.

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