Woolx Base Camp Hoodie

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Woolx Base Camp Hoodie Review

If you’ve been following along on Little Grunts, you know how much I absolutely adore anything merino wool. I mean anything that keeps me lazy and stink free (and also helps to conserve water) is fantastic in my book. When Woolx sent me their new lightweight Base Camp Hoodie, I immediately fell in love.

Woolx Base Camp Hoodie Review

Made of 17.5 micron 100% Australian merino wool, this is lightweight. Thumbholes keep your sleeves in place when it starts to get chilly. This is cut long so it doesn’t ride up under your hip belt or your harness. The Base Camp Hoodie has flat lock, non-chafing seams for ultimate comfort while you’re out for days on end.

Woolx Base Camp Hoodie Review

This piece is so perfect for summer backpacking and sun-protection. I usually hate sleeves in the summer but in the spirit of looking fifteen forever, I’ve slathering on sunscreen and covering up. It’s so light it’s like i’m not wearing anything at all.

It does have a stronger wet wool scent than my Icebreaker or [SN] Super.Natural merino wool shirts when wet/sweaty, but the smell is very faint and disappears when dry. Because it’s made of merino, it doesn’t stink at all! Sometimes this is the only layer I bring on a trip and I still smell pretty at the end. Mostly.

Woolx Base Camp Hoodie Review

My only gripes? It’s so thin it’s useless against mosquitoes. I had to douse myself in insect repellent. Those buggers were eating me alive through the shirt. And it’s so thin that it’s not super resistant to abrasions, which is a bummer for a shirt that costs three figures.

My first time out, I think a screw on my tripod plate rubbed a hole into the hoodie and into the shirt beneath it. I found two holes consistent with the hip belt on my pack on the shirt after my last trip. So maybe keep sharp-ish edged things away!

Buy through Woolx or Amazon for $110.99.

This was sent to me for review.

Last updated on December 4, 2017.


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