Therm-a-Rest Stellar Blanket

Thermarest Stellar Blanket Review

No joke, when I think of perfect, outdoor puffy blankets. I think of Rumpl. I think of fog swirling in the trees. Maybe an artfully framed railroad. Beautifully draped over a beautiful person. They’ve got that image on lock. Then I think of the price of that blanket. I think about how my aesthetic is frantically digging poo holes, ripping holes in clothing, and not showering. Then I realize that maybe the Rumpl is not for me.

Thankfully Therm-a-Rest introduced their affordable line of tech blankets for 2016.

Thermarest Stellar Blanket Review

The Therm-a-Rest Stellar is 55” x 75”, and comfortably fits a person up to 6’. Weighing at 1 pound and 13 oz and with a price point of $69.95, it’s an affordable pick for lightweight backpacking and camping. Packed inside its integrated zip pocket, the blanket is 14.5” x 5.25”.

The shell is constructed of 20D RipStop Polyester w/DWR while the insulation is 100% post-consumer recycled material. Perimeter snap loops mate with another Therm-a-Rest quilt, blanket, sheet or Mattress Snap Kit while a drawcord at bottom edge reduces drafts, cinching around a mattress (not included) to keep the blanket in place.

Thermarest Stellar Blanket Review

The affordable price point on the Stellar is probably my most favorite aspect of the blanket. I can lug it around, shove it in the bottom of my pack, leave it out in the dirt without worrying about the hundreds of dollars I spent on an outdoor blanket. The Stellar is a fair weather, warm summer alternative to a sleeping bag. The Stellar comes along on cold bouldering mornings so I can snuggle on a crash pad while I wait for temperatures to warm up a bit more.

It also makes a great summer blanket for sleeping in the back of a car. I really wanted to take this on a backpacking trip, but cold temperatures in the alpine were not conducive for it. I slept in the back of my car at 9000 feet in the middle of October with just the blanket. Temperatures dropped down to around freezing. I woke up very cold in the middle of the night and had to pull out my 15 degree bag out.

For cold weather, it’s a nice supplement to down puffies and great for snuggling in while sitting around a campfire. If it’s not needed as a blanket, the Stellar makes an excellent back up pillow.

Buy through Therm-a-RestAmazon, REI, or Backcountry for $69.95

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