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What’s in my Kit? Bouldering Kit Essentials

by Paulina Dao
Bishop Buttermilk Climbing Kit FNGRJAM Review

Climbing Bouldering Kit Essentials

I talk a lot about hiking and backpacking gear, but climbing gear has taken a bit of a back seat. I’m excited to start sharing some of my favorite climbing gear, starting with bouldering, because it’s winter and I like napping on crash pads in the sun.

Here’s a look at my bouldering kit essentials.

Organic chalk bucket

Climbing Bouldering Kit Essentials Organic Chalk Bucket

When it comes to chalk buckets, Organic Climbing is king. Recycled Cordura and ballistic means your bag is bombproof. A rolltop closure means you’re not spilling chalk in your commuter bag.

A zippered pockets keeps the rest of your bouldering essentials safe and handy.

Buy through REI or Organic Climbing for $33. All items are made in the USA. If you buy directly through Organic, you can customize your bucket.


Climbing Bouldering Kit Essentials FNGRJAM Review

I have the world’s softest, most baby-ish, delicate skin. One day of climbing in Joshua Tree has me whining in pain and taping up my tips. Then I discovered fngrjam, which really is the jam.

The hand salve is a delicious smelling, lightweight formula. It absorbs quickly and is non-greasy. It’s not chunky and it mostly applies in the cold.

If my skin is feeling extra wrecked after a day of bouldering, I’ll put this on in the morning before breakfast. The formula is absorbed by the time we’re at the boulders. It also doubles as an amazing cuticle cream and chapstick, if you’re really in a pinch. Plus it’s handmade right here in California.

Buy fngrjam for $9.99 through Amazon and available for Prime shipping, in case your skin is dying.

Trango Euro Tape

I basically have a permanently swollen knuckle on my middle finger. Taping up is a must for me. The Trango Euro Tape is my go to. It is sticky and stays put for a whole day on the rock. In fact, sometimes it actually hurts to take the tape off; it’s so adhesive.

In the gym, it’s not as sticky, but I blame that on higher humidity levels.

Buy through REI for $4.95. Runner up is the Metolius tape.

Sublime brush

Climbing Bouldering Kit Essentials Sublime Brush
Full disclosure: I got the Sublime climbing brush for free at some event. However, it’s the one I pack with me time and time again. (Seriously, I have about 10 of those wooden Touchstone brushes and they never see the light of day.)

It’s made out of lightweight, recyclable plastic. The bottom of the brush unscrews to fit a climbOn skincare bar… or a joint. The ultra-soft boar’s hair bristles will brush all those pesky tick marks and greasy holds. Bonus: it’s much gentler on sandstone.

Buy the Sublime Boar’s Hair Climbing Brush for $17.95 at Amazon. It also comes in a nylon version for $9.99.

Sephora crystal nail file

Forget everything you ever knew about nail files. A crystal nail file is where it’s at, and the Sephora one is the absolute best.

At $10, it’s pricy but it’s a worthwhile investment to filing down breaks and snags. Once the file is filled with nail dust, rinse it off in water and pat dry. Then it’s as good as new.

Buy through Sephora. Your nails will thank you.

Sally Hansen clip’n’catch nail clippers

Climbing Bouldering Kit Essentials Sally Hansen Nail Clippers

From my days as a nail polish blogger, the Sally Hansen clip ‘n’ catch nail clippers have been a staple in my hand care. It’s tiny and tucks perfectly into the zippered pouch of my Organic chalk bucket.

These are quality and can handle even the most gnarled of toenails (see my boyfriend’s feet). A plastic guard catches any gross nail bits that go flying. The clippers also come with a little tool to clean out the gunk from underneath your nails when you’re done climbing.

Buy for $5 at Amazon or any drugstore.


That’s it for my bouldering kit essentials. What are things that you must have with you?

Last updated on February 2, 2018.

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