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#HellHikeAndRaft Day 3: Descending into Hell

by Paulina Dao

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Day three was our last day with packs on our back. Today, we were going to the Snake River! Today, we were going to see Wendy & Trevor!

That morning in camp was freezing. We ate the standard breakfast of oatmeal and we all huddled around the fire until we had to leave.

The trail descended quickly and steeply, and soon, we were whacking our way through overgrown brush and over fallen trees. The trail was in pretty bad shape. We were probably one of the few people to go through in the last five years, according to our guides, Rick and Marshall. Progress was slow and bear poop was plentiful.

#HellHikeAndRaft Day Three #HellHikeAndRaft Day Three

At approximately 7 hours later, we arrived at the Snake River, where margaritas, artichoke dip, river chicken and pineapple upside down cake awaited! Kicking my soggy hiking boots off never felt more gratifying!

#HellHikeAndRaft Day Three #HellHikeAndRaft Day Three
We traveled approximately 5.67 miles with 6,280′ of elevation loss from Hibbs Cow Camp.

If you missed out on #HellHikeAndRaft Day One, click here. If you missed Day Two, click here! Stay tuned for the other three days, and don’t forget to check out everyone else’s content!

Last updated on February 23, 2016.

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