Hiking Horsetail Falls and Ropi Lake

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Hiking Horsetail Falls and Ropi Lake

Sometimes you plan on a really long day out. Sometimes those plans get cut short because you’re captivated by the beauty around you.

That’s what happened to me this weekend. I set out to hike up Horsetail Falls into Desolation Wilderness backcountry and out to Lake Aloha. Ropi Lake cut me short.

Hiking Horsetail Falls and Ropi Lake

I started my adventure off at the Pyramid Creek trailhead off of Highway 50. From there, followed the Pyramid Creek trail to the Wilderness Boundary. The trail is unmaintained after the boundary. As long as you follow the creek towards Horsetail Falls, you can’t really lose the falls.

Hiking Horsetail Falls and Ropi Lake

Climbing up Horsetail Falls is a little tricky. There isn’t a real route. Some people have left cairns to mark easy paths up but your mileage may vary. It was a hearty scramble up large boulders and slick granite faces that never seemed to end. 

Hiking Horsetail Falls and Ropi Lake

From there, I meandered back to the creek and followed it to Ropi Lake. After Ropi Lake, Lake Aloha was next. The wind was still. Pyramid Peak shimmered in the water. It was absolutely breathtaking. Instead of continuing on, I decided to stay behind and take my time.

Hiking Horsetail Falls and Ropi Lake
Hiking Horsetail Falls and Ropi Lake

After spending time at Ropi Lake, I retraced my steps back down, past Horsetail Falls.

Looking to spend more time in Desolation Wilderness? Head to Lake Aloha, go swim in Middle Velma Lake, or bag Pyramid Peak.

Hiking Horsetail Falls and Ropi Lake

Hike: Horsetail Falls and Ropi Lake
Where: Desolation Wilderness
Trailhead: Pyramid Creek
Level: Moderate
Duration: 5 hours
Length: 6 miles out and back
Gear: Icebreaker Women’s Tech T Lite T-Shirt, Arc’teryx Delta LT, Outdoor Research Onrush Cap, REI Flash 18 Pack,
REI Sahara Convertible Pants – Women’s
Black Diamond Ultra Distance Trekking Poles – Pair
, and Ahnu Sugarpine Waterproof Boot
Cost of Parking: $5

Hiking Ropi Lake and Horsetail Falls, Desolation Wilderness

Last updated on January 25, 2019.

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