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Aether Apparel Elite Leggings

by Paulina Dao

Aether Apparel Elite Leggings Gear Review

A good pair of leggings is really hard to find. Some are too tight, some too loose. Some too thin, some don’t give enough support. Some show too much, and some have questionable manufacturers that I just can’t bring myself to support.

Cue Aether Apparel, a Los Angeles-based brand who prides itself on blending both form and function. The brand meticulously prides itself on every stitch and detail in their products. I’m always in the market for new leggings. One quick stop inside their San Francisco shipping containers and I was sold on the Elite Leggings.

Aether Apparel Elite Leggings Gear Review

The leggings are made of a Supplex® nylon dense-knit fabric. It’s moisture wicking and quick drying. Fifteen minutes out of the washing machine and these are good to go. Four way stretch means these won’t stop you from that super stem-y problem or insanely balance-y slab climbs. A hidden waist pocket allows you to stow your Fitbit or your house key while you’re on the go. Forward side seams are more flattering for your body. Flatlock stitching prevents chafing and other sorts of similar nasties. These are designed to be ankle length. For reference, I am 5’ tall and I don’t think they bunch too much on my short legs. Bonus: these are also made in the USA.

I’m a fan of these leggings. They have a nice, wide waistband so you don’t get any weird muffin top issues. They’re holding up fairly well to abrasions on rock and plastic; there’s some pilling here and there, but no real damage to the fabric. They don’t really stink after double days of gym and bike riding action. Afraid of being able to see everything when you’re bent over? No issues with that here.

Aether Apparel Elite Leggings Gear Review

I did find that there are inconsistencies with how the fabric feels on my body between colors. Total Eclipse (navy blue) was absolutely perfect. Glacier (bright, obnoxious blue) seems thinner and more prone to showing underwear lines. My older pair is also starting to lose some elasticity in the waistband. Spending time pulling up my leggings at the gym is not my idea of fun.

Would I purchase these again? I’m not sure. They’re a solid pair of leggings with four different color options. They fit well, are US-made, and have a similar price point compared to other premium leggings. But I feel like there is still something better out there; these are not my be all, end all leggings. Your mileage may vary.

Buy from Aether Apparel for $90.

Last updated on May 27, 2015.

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