Ahnu Footwear Twain Harte Boots

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Ahnu Footwear Twaine Hart Boots review

Named after a little vacation town in California, the Ahnu Footwear Twain Harte boots blend both form and function for a solid apres ski boot or lightweight winter hiking shoe.

200 grams of Thinsulate keep your feet nice and toasty once you’re off the slopes, or while you’re hiking in below freezing weather. The waterproof full-grain leather and suede prevent moisture from getting in while you’re out and about and frolicking in the snow. Bonus: these do great in rainy weather if you’re not a rubber boot person. The quick lace system allows you to get the boot on and off quickly. A TPU shank gives you support and durability. Vibrant soles make sure you’re not going to fall flat on your face.

Ahnu Footwear Twain Harte Boots review

I took these through the forests of Yosemite, streets of San Francisco and New York City, bustling airports, and snowy Seattle adventures. These are incredibly comfortable for long days of walking around and they don’t make your feet clammy or sweaty. If you’re in cold weather, your toes stay warm. However, I found that once the temperatures reached the low tens, I had to keep moving to feel my toes. The quick lace system has pros and cons: you can put the boots on in a pinch, but lacing them down tightly and uniformly is tough. The shoe shaft is fairly loose, even when the laces are dialed in so ankle support was fairly minimal. I wouldn’t recommend them for strenuous hiking or snowshoeing. Long walks in the park, or hiking to Merced Grove, Carlon Falls or the Big Four Ice Caves? These are great.

Ahnu Footwear Twain Harte Boots review

If you’re looking for lightweight, insulated, and comfortable boots that function casually and semi-technically, the Ahnu Twain Harte boots are perfect. Buy through Ahnu Footwear for $170 or on Amazon.

These were sent to me for review. For other reviews of Ahnu footwear, please click here.

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