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Merrell Capra Bolt Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Merrell Capra Bolt Hiking Boot Review

To me, the name “Merrell” has been associated with dad stuff. Kinda ugly, really traditional, super brown—not the good kind of brown from playing in the dirt, and a little bulky. They’ve never been hip or cool. Until recently. If you showed me a shoe from their new line, I couldn’t tell you it was by Merrell. When Merrell offered to send the #UintasHike16 crew shoes, I was a little skeptical. I worship my Salewas. They are my ultimate shoe. I decided to give Merrell a try; if they didn’t make me a convert, at least I could change my tune about the brand as a whole.

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Arc’teryx Bora Mid GTX Hiking Boots

Arc'teryx Bora Mid GTX Hiking Boot Review

“What are those things”, said the kiwi inspecting all my hiking gear and pointing at my boots at customs. He’d never seen anything like them, and I guess I hadn’t really either. Futuristic, Tron-esque boots, what? When Arc’teryx broke into the shoe market last year, I was a little skeptical. Don’t get me wrong, they’re the creme de la creme of the outdoors. But footwear? Not really sure if they could pull it off. When the Arc’teryx Bora Mid GTX boots arrived at my doorstep, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to try them out.

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Salewa Alp Trainers Mid GTX Hiking Boots

Salewa Alp Trainers Mid GTX Hiking Boots Review

When I signed up for #HellHikeAndRaft, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I imagined long, strenuous days climbing mountains with an epic group of people more fit than me. I’d been rocking the Ahnu Sugarpine Waterproof Boot when I said yes to the adventure. They’re still my go-to shoe for a good chunk of my hikes. But I’m the type of person that sprains an ankle while standing still. I wanted something a little sturdier for the unknowns of Idaho, and eventually Mt. Whitney that fall.

After a bunch of perusing and hemming and hawing, I settled on the Salewa Alp Trainers Mid GTX hiking boots.

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