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Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 1 Tent

by Paulina Dao
Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 1 Tent Review


In the past few months, I’ve been embarking on a ton of solo-esque adventures, sleeping in tents alone, all that jazz. I don’t really need to lug around a 2-person tent for one, so I’ve been turning to my Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 1 on all my trips.

Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 1 Tent Review

If you’re not concerned about weight and you’re looking for a no-frills, all-inclusive tent, this is it. The Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 1 comes with everything you’d ever need to set up camp out of the box: rain fly, inner tent, footprint, stakes and poles. No hunting down perfectly sized tarps for this bad boy.

The micro-mesh tent is perfect for those clear summer nights and has a fully removable rainfly for the craziest of downpours. A high bathtub floor means no water is getting in this bad boy if it rains while you’re sleeping.

The single pole design means you’ll never, ever, ever lose any pieces to this tent. Approximate dimensions are 82″ x 32″ x 39.5”. Weight is about 4.4 lbs.

Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 1 Tent Review

I absolutely love this tent. It is fantastic because it’s so simple and easy to use. But it’s heavy. It’s marketed as an ultralight tent, but 4.4 lbs is not ultralight. I can hear the UL elitists laughing from behind their computer screens.

Whenever I pick up a different solo shelter, this will strictly be for car camping ‘cause I can’t afford to haul around 4.4% of my bodyweight in the backcountry at all times. Through crazy thunderstorms in Whitney Portal to torrential downpour in Mokelumne Wilderness, the Mountain Ultra 1 tent has not failed me yet, try as the weather might. I especially love this thing for sleeping out in the summer.

There’s nothing like watching the stars at night and keeping bugs off your face. Because I’m 5’ this tent is super roomy for me. I could probably fit two of me in it if I wanted to. There’s space for my sleeping pad and my pack with room left to spare.

At $165, the Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 1 is a great, no-frills and easy-to-setup tent that won’t break the bank and should last you on a good number of adventures.

Buy the Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 1 through Teton Sports or Amazon.

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This was sent to me for review.

Last updated on December 16, 2017.

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