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#ManlyMonday: Swrve Slim Fit Cordura Jeans

by Paulina Dao
Swrve Slim Fit Cordura Jeans Review

Welcome to the random Monday installment of manly men reviewing manly gear. This Monday, Josh Ourada, talks about the manly Swrve Slim Fit Cordura Jeans.

Swrve Slim Fit Cordura Jeans Review

Imagine a pair of jeans that do pretty much everything. They look sharp when you’re going out. They clean up nicely for work. They survive an endless beating against sharp rock. They’re the Swrve Slim Fit Cordura Jeans.

Swrve Slim Fit Cordura Jeans Review

Somewhere between a regular fit and the skinny fit is the slim fit jeans. Skinny enough to show off your legs, but not too skinny where it looks like you borrowed your girlfriend’s jeans. Constructed from Cordura denim, these Swrve jenas are built to withstand damn near everything thrown at them. The pants are incredibly durable.

The pants feature a low waist in front to prevent your belt from digging into your gut and a higher waist in back to hide any cracks that might be peeking out. For the cyclists out there, the pants have a reflective strip on both inside legs that are exposed when you roll up your cuff.

Swrve Slim Fit Cordura Jeans Review

These pants were perfect except for one thing: they were pretty dang skinny and didn’t leave much breathing room in the crotch. And it’s important that those parts have some space. I’m a solid 31 x 34, and these were just too tight everywhere. Yes, these are slim fit jeans, but they were more slim than I was expecting or used to.

If you’re a fan of a good, trim fit, these will be great for you. Aside from that, these took a solid beating on rough granite, limestone and more, and survived without a scratch or scrape on the denim. These jeans are built to last.

Buy through swrve for $100. Also available in regular and skinny fit.

All photos by Daniel Winsor.

These were sent to Little Grunts for review.

Last updated on December 4, 2017.

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