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Patagonia Merino Daily T-Shirt

by Paulina Dao
Patagonia Merino Daily T Shirt Review

Patagonia Merino Daily T Shirt Review

The Hanes white v-neck managed to be a wardrobe staple in my volleyball playing high school years. These days, I don’t wear much cotton because I sweat a lot and also occasionally wear the same shirt for days filled with many sweaty activities on end. Finding that perfect non-cotton t-shirt that fits just like that Hanes tee has been hard, but somehow, Patagonia managed to do it with the Patagonia Merino Daily T.

Patagonia Merino Daily T Shirt Review

The 3.4 oz shirt is constructed from merino wool sourced from grasslands in New Zealand and blended with Capilene recycled polyester. The fabric has been slow-washed with chlorine to prevent shrinkage for those days you absolutely can’t wait for the shirt to air dry. The relaxed fit keeps things casual and loose for things like lounging around, gym sessions, long hikes, and more.

Patagonia did a fantastic job with the Merino Daily T. Perfect for multi-day use, and casual enough to be a basic wardrobe staple. At $55 it won’t break the bank as much as other merino shirts might.

The Patagonia Merino Daily is now discontinued.

This was sent to me for review.

Last updated on December 4, 2017.

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