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Hanwag Grunten Lady Review

by Paulina Dao

Hanwag Grunten Lady

If you’re looking for a pair of hiking boots that blend both form and function, then look to Hanwag. I received a pair of the Hanwag Grunten Lady as a gift, and they’ve been a trusty pair of boots in my closet since.

Hanwag Grunten Lady

Famous for their impeccable, double-stitched workmanship, the majority of Hanwag shoes are handmade at their headquarters in Vierkirchen.

Named after a peak in Bavaria, the Grunten Lady is designed for your every mountain adventure. The Grunten Lady is a workhorse of a shoe, with a full grain leather upper and leather lining and thick Vibram soles. The boot is double stitched to create a stronger shoe.

Hanwag Grunten Lady

A car could run over my feet with these on and I wouldn’t even feel a thing. Use of soft and supple leather allows extreme comfort for the wearer. The boots are fully waterproof.

The Hanwag Grunten Lady are my go to shoe on rainy days in lieu of clunky rubber waders. The boot has a roomy fit with plenty of space in the toe box. A nice pair of thick socks should keep your feet nice and snug.

I found the insoles of the Hanwag Grunten Lady to be fairly flat and replaced them with a pair of Superfeet insoles. Additionally, the soles don’t have much flex, even after nearly a year of on and off use.

The Hanwag Grunten Lady boots weigh about 1.6lbs. They are not the lightest, but not the heaviest either. If you want a pair of shoes that will take you seamlessly from backcountry trails to city streets and look just as good covered in dirt or polished to shine, these are it.

Buy the Hanwag Grunten Lady for $340 from Moosejaw. A men’s version is also available.

Hanwag Grunten Lady Boots Review

Last updated on January 25, 2019.

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