CamelBak Aventura

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CamelBak Aventura Review CamelBak Aventura Review CamelBak Aventura Review CamelBak Aventura Review

The CamelBak Aventura backpack is a nifty little backpack that’s great for long day adventures.

This bad boy is a 21L backpack with a 3L water bladder. There are four zippered compartments: a tiny one for tiny items, one small one for small items, a main compartment for larger items, and a separate compartment for the water bladder. Side slip pockets allow you to hold water bottles, map, or if you’re like me, all the wrappers from Clif bars that you eat. And there’s a nice and large slip pocket that can easily fit a Nalgene and readily accessible items like hats. The outside of the pack has attachments to keep your trekking poles handy.

The pack has a sternum strap and a padded waist strap. It also has high abrasion mesh covering channeled EVA injected foam pods for extra ventilation your back won’t get sweaty as quickly.

The right shoulder strap conveniently has a little hook for your bladder hose. However, the hose doesn’t come with a Bite Valve Cover. You’ll need to pick one of those up for $6.

This pack has been my day hike BFF since I first got it in August of 2012 for a trip up Half Dome.. It has lasted weekends of endless abuse, squeezing in tight spots and being thrown over and around obstacles.

I don’t have much to complain about this bag, other than little plastic doohickies are starting to fall off now. And sometimes, if the bag is stuffed to the brim, I think I look like a turtle. This bag is wider at the base and narrows up to the top, so aesthetics look a little funny if you’re hauling a big load.

This pack is now discontinued and on clearance through Camelbak. I’m going to be extremely sad when my pack is on its last legs.


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