Outdoor Research Echo Ubertube

When the Outdoor Research Echo Ubertube showed up in my #ORInsightLab package, I was skeptical. What the heck was this long, stretchy tube going to do for me? It took some time and consulting with fellow #ORInsightLab-er, Landon Faulkner, but the Echo Ubertube proved me wrong.

At 0.7 oz and highly compressible, this takes no space in your pack and adds no weight. It’s good to have it ’til you need it. Its possibilities are endless!

Pirate bandana because sometimes you just gotta pirate! Headband for those stray hairs! Earwarmers when a beanie is too warm! Sun protection and/or lightweight neck gaiter! Head cooler! Just add water.

Outdoor Research Echo Ubertube ReviewOutdoor Research Echo Ubertube ReviewOutdoor Research Echo Ubertube Review

Despite its versatility, I struggled with the length of the Echo Ubertube. I don’t wear neck gaiters unless I absolutely super duper have to because I hate breathing through something. I primarily used it as headwear and found that I often had a ton of leftover fabric bunching up on my head, or getting loose and flapping aimlessly in the wind. It would be cool if it came in long and short versions.

The Echo Ubertube comes in three colors and is made out of 100% polyester AirVent™ Fabric.

>Buy through or Amazon for $19.

For a manly take on the Echo Ubertube, visit Landon’s blog.