Polar Pro Strap Mount + ProGrip Combo

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Polar Pro Strap Mount + ProGrip Combo Review

I got a GoPro back in March for my birthday. It’s freakin’ awesome, but since I lug my DSLR with me 80% of the time, the GoPro gets very little use, which is such a bummer. Then the Polar Pro Strap Mount + ProGrip Combo came into my life, which kind of became a game changer.

The Polar Pro Strap Mount is designed to keep your GoPro handy on your strap at all times. Backpack straps, lifejacket straps, you name it, your GoPro is there. All you need to do is screw the plate onto whatever strap you’d like, mount your camera, and lock it.


The Polar Pro ProGrip is a small, waterproof grip that boasts two batteries. Unfortunately, I was only able to fit one in there, and that was a tight enough squeeze. A wrist strap keeps it attached to your arm at all times should you use it. The ProGrip is remote compatible if you remove the plastic placeholder. I don’t have a remote, so I can’t attest to that. The ProGrip also works with the Strap Mount, making it easy to go hands free with your GoPro.

Polar Pro Strap Mount + ProGrip Combo Review

I love the Strap Mount and ProGrip so much, especially for multi-pitch climbing. I don’t want to haul my DSLR and probably break it, so the GoPro is perfect. I could use just the Strap Mount on it’s own, but I’m also very good at dropping things, so having the ProGrip and wrist strap are excellent for action selfies while on the wall. I love that you can store extra batteries in the handle, but was a little disappointed to see that I could fit only one in. The product page says that you can fit two, but try as I might, I could only comfortably fit one in without feeling like I would destroy my batteries. I usually screwed my clip on underneath the chest strap on my left side. It mostly was out of the way for climbing which was awesome.

Buy the Strap Mount and ProGrip combo together from Polar Pro or Amazon for $50. Or buy each individually. The Strap Mount will set you back $30, available from Polar Pro or Amazon. The ProGrip will set you back $30, available from Polar Pro or Amazon.

All photos by Beau Gunderson.

Last updated on December 4, 2017.

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