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Lifeproof Nüüd for the iPhone 5S

by Paulina Dao

Lifeproof Nuud for the iPhone 5S Lifeproof Nuud for the iPhone 5S

I’m not gonna lie, I’m addicted to my phone. I use it to keep in contact with friends, manage social media, check my email, track my hikes, take photos, and more. Now is the time where I also admit that I’m really good at doing the projectile phone thing. This past summer, I decided to make my phone more bomb-proof. I’d been rocking a little Speck case that I stole from my boyfriend, but with a billion upcoming trips, I wanted something indestructible, but still manageable. When Lifeproof came out with the TouchID compatible Nüüd for the 5S, I was sold.

I had been eyeing the Lifeproof Frē over the Nüüd due to the cheaper price point, but the screen cover screamed cheap to me. It was just so tacky and awful feeling, I decided to pay more for the open screen.

The case is about as thin and as light as you can get for a rugged case. It was bulky when I first got it, but quickly got used to it. The front and the back snap together, and there’s a little snap door for the lightning cable. It’s most powerful in as a connected piece, but if you drop it, it can still handle the impact.

I didn’t do any dive testing with it. My phone is too precious, but this survived rafting on the Snake River, being repeatedly submerged for suitable product shots, and texting in the rain. If you’re looking for a case that can handle some splashes, this is it. This case will also protect your phone from mundane things like dust, cookie dough, bacon grease, and more. Best of all? You can just rinse it off!

One thing to do when you first receive your case is to inspect it super carefully! The rubber seal piece in the lightning cable door was falling off when I first got mine. I finally had to replace it because the piece fell out and my case was no longer waterproof. And make sure you can open the little bugger too. First case was the biggest pain in my butt; it broke many thumbnails and inanimate objects.

Buy the Nüüd through Lifeproof or through Amazon for $71.99 to fuel all your tech desires.

Last updated on April 21, 2015.

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