Ahnu Montara Waterproof Boot Review

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Ahnu Montara Boot Review

My dusty, faded Ahnu Montara II boots have been my feet’s trusty hiking friends for the last two years. My mom got them for me as a Christmas gift as I beat my old pair of shoes up.

These have seen mountains, beaches, temperate rain forests and they still keep going. They’ve been the best pair of lightweight hiking boots until I got the Ahnu Sugarpine Waterproof Boots.

Ahnu Montara Boot Review

If you’re a fan of buying boots off the shelf and hitting the long, dusty trail, the Montara are for you. These are hands-down one of the most comfortable pairs of boots I have ever worn. The sole has a lot of flex and conform to your feet. The Vibram soles are extra grippy, so if you’re a klutz like me, you won’t be slipping on wet boulders anytime soon.

Ahnu Montara Boot Review

The waterproof oiled leather and suede leather are fantastic. I’ve stomped in many a puddle and creek with no leaking or wetness. The only time these have ever let in moisture was from snowshoeing on a warm, sunny day. And even then, it was just barely.

These are lined with eVent waterproof, breathable membrane and a pig leather collar to help keep feet dry and moisture free. Combined with merino wool socks, the Ahnu Montara Waterproof Boots are ready to keep your feet dry, no matter what the conditions.

Ahnu Montara Boot Review

I generally wear these for long day trips and short, weekend backpacking trips. You could get away with these for longer backpacking trips, but I prefer something that’s a little bit stiffer.

These are also a great introductory pair of hiking boots for beginner backpackers and hikers. They’ve got a ton of features to protect your feet from the elements while still remaining enjoyable to wear. Additionally, the price point won’t break the bank. The Montara will last you many miles on the trail.

Buy the Ahnu Montara Waterproof Boot through Moosejaw ($150) or REI ($160).

Last updated on January 31, 2019.


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