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Farm to Feet Greensboro Women’s 1/4 Crew

by Paulina Dao

Farm to Feet Greensboro 1/4 Crew

The Farm to Feet Greensboro 1/4 Crew is the sock god’s gift to mankind. Seriously. I’m not really sure how Farm to Feet did it, but I am addicted to this sock and they will never leave my feet again. Mostly.

I first blogged about Farm to Feet with the Madison and the Boulder. And gosh darn it, they’ve done it again. Take your casual every-day sock, reduce the bulk, make it merino, make it versatile, make it trail worthy, and you get the Greensboro 1/4 Crew.

The Greensboro 1/4 Crew is a lightweight sock designed for multisport. And by multisport, I think they mean life. The sock is extremely well constructed out of merino wool with full density cushioning, but it’s not thick or bulky, either. They are great for hiking, running, cycling, walking, commuting, and more.

I’ve worn my lone pair for about two weeks straight now, no washing and they still feel like they ran through the cycle yesterday. My feet aren’t sweaty; there’s no weird residue. The socks don’t even stink! They do look like they have seen better times, but comfort-wise, they’re like new; it’s a testament to the greatness of these socks.

For women, they come in a bunch of fun colors and neutrals. For men, you’re not as lucky. Either way, get these. Your feet will thank you.

Buy through Farm to Feet for $16.

These were sent to me for review.

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