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Farm to Feet Greensboro Women’s 1/4 Crew

Farm to Feet Greensboro 1/4 Crew

The Farm to Feet Greensboro 1/4 Crew is the sock god’s gift to mankind. Seriously. I’m not really sure how Farm to Feet did it, but I am addicted to this sock and they will never leave my feet again. Mostly.

I first blogged about Farm to Feet with the Madison and the Boulder. And gosh darn it, they’ve done it again. Take your casual every-day sock, reduce the bulk, make it merino, make it versatile, make it trail worthy, and you get the Greensboro 1/4 Crew.

The Greensboro 1/4 Crew is a lightweight sock designed for multisport. And by multisport, I think they mean life. The sock is extremely well constructed out of merino wool with full density cushioning, but it’s not thick or bulky, either. They are great for hiking, running, cycling, walking, commuting, and more.

I’ve worn my lone pair for about two weeks straight now, no washing and they still feel like they ran through the cycle yesterday. My feet aren’t sweaty; there’s no weird residue. The socks don’t even stink! They do look like they have seen better times, but comfort-wise, they’re like new; it’s a testament to the greatness of these socks.

For women, they come in a bunch of fun colors and neutrals. For men, you’re not as lucky. Either way, get these. Your feet will thank you.

Buy through Farm to Feet for $16.

These were sent to me for review.

Farm to Feet Boulder

Farm to Feet Boulder Sock Review

The Farm to Feet Boulder sock is one of the company’s most highly lauded socks. Lightweight, merino wool with full density cushion, this sock keeps you comfortable on the way to the office and on the trails.

I reviewed the Farm to Feet Madison previously here. The Boulder is the Madison’s younger sister with a looser weave. Like the Madison, the Boulder is designed for adventure hiking and trekking. The thickness of the socks are the same, but if you’re looking for something a little more breathable and less restrictive, the Boulder is for you.

Otherwise, these mirror the Madison in terms of quality and construction. This sock is serious business; it won’t sag on you when you need it. It keeps out dirt and unwanted debris. It’s made of high-quality merino wool. You can wear these over, and over, and over, and over, and over again without getting a weird multi-day sock funk. These babies feel fresh every time you put them on.

Buy through Farm to Feet for $18.

Farm to Feet Madison

Farm to Feet Madison Crew Sock Review

You’ve heard of farm to table, but what about Farm to Feet? 100% US ingredients and 100% US manufactured, this North Carolina company creates high performance merino wool socks sourced directly from American Sheep Industry ranchers and manufactured in the United States.

Farm to Feet socks are pretty darn high quality, and the Madison are no exception.

Built for long treks, this medium weight crew sock with full density cushioning encases your foot in a comfortable, mushroom-like cocoon of ultimate comfort. These socks are well constructed; they don’t have saggy sock syndrome throughout the day. They don’t let pesky debris in, and they hold up to crawling through bushes and treks across coastal bluffs. Prickly brush and sand are no match for this sock.

The Madison is made of 74% merino wool, which is really just code for you-can-wear-this-sock-for-days-on-end-and-as-long-you-shower-semi-regularly-your-feet-won’t-stink. What can I say? Good socks are hard to find, and good socks are expensive. When I get a pair, I want to get my money’s worth. These seriously do not stink and they prevent your feet from getting sweaty. With some socks, I get this weird second day funk, but not in these. With these, every time I put them on is like the first time I’m putting them on.

They also come with a lifetime guarantee. Not satisfied for whatever reason? Send them back for a replacement for a refund.

I can totally, 100% get behind a company that creates homegrown goods and stands behind their product. If you’re in the market for a new pair of socks, or even if you’re not, pop by Farm to Feet and check out their goods.

The Madison retails for $23.

These were sent to me for review.