5 Reasons to Explore with REI’s Under 35 Trips

Travel abroad with REI's Under 35 group trips

I’m not a group trip person at all. People make me nervous. I’m afraid I won’t fit in. I like knowing the people I’m traveling with. Knowing what to expect and how group dynamics will play out gives me peace of mind. I like having an exit plan, no matter how brief it may be. After experiencing REI’s Under 35 Greek Islands trip, I’m singing a different tune about groups. Here’s why.

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All Aboard the Skunk Train Rail Bikes

Riding the Skunk Train Rail Bikes

On a less rainy weekend this past winter, I decided to leave hibernation and escape to the North Coast. The North Coast is a wild, beautiful and much less popular destination than Big Sur, south of the Bay Area. Enormous coastal redwoods call the North Coast home. The area is filled with logging history and relics of that era, including the Skunk Train. A few years ago, we got to take the Skunk Train to Camp Noyo. This time around, we decided to take the Skunk Train Rail Bikes out for a spin.

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