Backpacking to the Minam River Lodge

Backpack to the Minam River Lodge

I’m all about that lazy backpacking/hibernating life these days. Give me short hikes, hut camping, happy hours, train camping on the river, and zero alpine starts. When I found out about the Minam River Lodge last year at a Travel Oregon event, I could not believe what I was hearing.

This luxurious spot, nestled in the Wallowa Whitman National Forest, is accessible only by foot. (Or by air, but let’s be real, I’m hiking those 8.5 miles in.)

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Climbing Prusik Peak in the Enchantments

Climbing Prusik Peak

All photos by Nick Lake.

“Rope!” I shouted, tugging on the rope we were rappelling on. Above us, the sky quickly turned black. It didn’t budge. I yanked on it again. Small bits of debris rained down on us. Josh grabbed it and pulled. More debris came down.

It was clear, the rope was stuck. Night was falling fast and most of our party didn’t bring a headlamp. We didn’t expect Prusik Peak to turn into such an epic…

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