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Arc’teryx Bird Head Toque

by Paulina Dao

Arc'teryx Bird Head Toque Beanie Gear Review

I’m a pretty particular person when it comes to things that go on my head. I had a bunch of beanies accumulating around my house from years past, but none of them were quite right. One 20% off REI coupon last winter had me trying on every cold weather hat in the store. That’s when I stumbled across the Arc’teryx Bird Head Toque. This has been the best beanie I’ve tried yet.

Arc'teryx Bird Head Toque Beanie Gear Review

This beanie was just right. It wasn’t too short; it generously covered my ears. I don’t have a particularly large head—in fact, I have a pretty puny head—but there are a lot of beanies out there that don’t quite cover all of your ears! It wasn’t too long; I didn’t constantly have to adjust it from falling down over my eyes. The beanie is constructed with a merino-acrylic blend outer and a fleece lining. No awkward scratching here, the Arc’teryx Bird Head Toque does not itch. The beanie is one size fits all and stretches to fit your head.

It’s not a chunky beanie and can be layered under your helmet for climbing or snowboarding on those freezing days. It’s also comfortable to wear to bed on chilly winter nights. At 2.3 oz, this is easy to toss into your pack if you manage to hit cold weather on your adventure.

Buy through Moosejaw or through Amazon for $35.

Last updated on May 27, 2015.

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