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AXP #HellHikeAndRaft Survival Kit

by Paulina Dao

AXP #HellHikeAndRaft Kit Review AXP #HellHikeAndRaft Kit Review

When AXP signed on to sponsor #HellHikeAndRaft, I was extremely curious to see what we’d be receiving. I have an Adventure Medical Kit first aid kit, and hoped it wouldn’t be the exact same thing.

When Adam handed out the goods at our motel in Idaho, it was a pleasant surprise. These were actual, thoughtfully crafted survival kits!

Each kit came with

  • Mylar emergency blanket
  • lighter
  • NDUR Utility Flame
  • Micro StarFlash Mirror
  • Micro JetScream Whistle
  • minor first aid supplies (not pictured)

I consolidated the first aid supplies into my current kit to maintain organization. The rest I left in the mesh pouch that they came in. My AXP #HellHikeAndRaft survival kit wasn’t terribly useful on the trip, but I am very excited to have it post-trip. It’s a great thing to toss into my pack for days in the mountain as a worst case scenario type of thing, especially now with unpredictable weather. For hikes closer to home, I leave it behind to drop weight and save space.

The only thing I would change about the kit is packaging. The mesh case is nice, but I would really prefer a waterproof bag like the one my Adventure Medical Kit comes in.

The closest offering AXP has to the #HellHikeAndRaft kit is their Wilderness Survival Mini Kit, available for $36 on their website.

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