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AXP #HellHikeAndRaft Survival Kit

AXP #HellHikeAndRaft Kit Review AXP #HellHikeAndRaft Kit Review

When AXP signed on to sponsor #HellHikeAndRaft, I was extremely curious to see what we’d be receiving. I have an Adventure Medical Kit first aid kit, and hoped it wouldn’t be the exact same thing.

When Adam handed out the goods at our motel in Idaho, it was a pleasant surprise. These were actual, thoughtfully crafted survival kits!

Each kit came with

  • Mylar emergency blanket
  • lighter
  • NDUR Utility Flame
  • Micro StarFlash Mirror
  • Micro JetScream Whistle
  • minor first aid supplies (not pictured)

I consolidated the first aid supplies into my current kit to maintain organization. The rest I left in the mesh pouch that they came in. My AXP #HellHikeAndRaft survival kit wasn’t terribly useful on the trip, but I am very excited to have it post-trip. It’s a great thing to toss into my pack for days in the mountain as a worst case scenario type of thing, especially now with unpredictable weather. For hikes closer to home, I leave it behind to drop weight and save space.

The only thing I would change about the kit is packaging. The mesh case is nice, but I would really prefer a waterproof bag like the one my Adventure Medical Kit comes in.

The closest offering AXP has to the #HellHikeAndRaft kit is their Wilderness Survival Mini Kit, available for $36 on their website.

Chums Smokey Fire Starter Paracord Bracelet

Chums Smokey Fire Starter Paracord Bracelet Review

When the Chums Smokey Fire Starter Paracord Bracelet arrived in my mailbox, I had high, high hopes for it.The 16 feet of paracord doubles as a firestarter with a firestone and steel washer clasp.

I watched this video and I was so excited to try it.

But I just couldn’t get it to work for me. Not out in the backcountry, not under the redwoods, not even sitting in the comforts of my own home in a controlled environment, and not in a near-dark room.

Needless to say, I am a little disappointed and all I have to show for my fire-starting efforts are bruises and scrapes from my hands knocking against the ground and against the firestone. The washer and firestone are fairly small and not ergonomically friendly; it seems purpose is to be a bracelet closure first, and fire-starting device second.

I have fairly small hands and I found myself fumbling with them. It seemed that there was no way to comfortably hold them and scrape to my heart’s desire.

At approximately 3 oz, it may be a good tool for you to have in your pack if you can get it to work. If you’re counting ounces and saving space, this bulky bracelet is probably not for you.

All in all, I like the idea, but I struggled with the whole fire-starter aspect which tarnished the product for me. However, your experiences may be different than mine. At $16.99, this won’t set you back by much and at worst, you’ll have a paracord bracelet for your adventures.

Buy through Chums for $16.99.

This was sent to me for review.