Outdoor Research Turbine Shorts

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Outdoor Research Turbine Shorts

The Outdoor Research Turbine Shorts are a pair of shorts I would never pick up for myself. Probably. So when the crew at Outdoor Research sent me these as a part of #ORInsightLab, I was pretty skeptical. I mean, they have built-in underwear! And from my experience as a child with built-in underwear, it was not comfortable nor something I ever wanted to experience again.

After one round out with the Outdoor Research Turbine Shorts, these quickly became my favorite, trumping my long standing love affair with the Outdoor Research Contour Shorts. First, they are incredibly lightweight; it’s like I’m not wearing shorts at all. At 3.6 oz, these are great for ultralight backpacking, or for tucking in your pack when you’re unsure of what weather will come your way.

Outdoor Research Turbine Shorts

Second, they’re a polyester short with spandex “inner short” (as Outdoor Research calls it) so they dry incredibly quickly. I pulled them on after a quick swim and the shorts were dry before my bikini bottoms were. These are practically ready to go right out of the washing machine if you’re in a rush.

They’re loose-fitting giving you a range of motion and comfort for hiking, running, sitting on long road trips, or just lounging.

Outdoor Research Turbine Shorts

I’m still undecided on this whole built-in underwear thing. Wearing two pairs of underwear takes some adjustment. Wearing no underwear feels downright mentally strange, like a bear will pants me at any minute. It’s doable both ways. It just comes down to whatever you prefer. I’ve primarily been doing the double underwear.

Other features include a reflective trim and reflective logo for those evening jaunts. The Turbine Shorts also come with a zippered back pocket, but that’s utterly useless to me since I have nothing tiny or comfortable enough to store there.

In short, I freakin’ love these shorts and I feel sorry for my Contour shorts because I don’t think I’ve worn those all summer.

The Outdoor Research Contour Shorts have been discontinued but the Moxie Shorts look comparable. Buy for $69.

Last updated on December 15, 2017.


  1. I used to hate built in underwear when I was younger and did the double undies thing too. Now I specifically look for running shorts with them built in because they are so much more comfortable. Ditch your skivvies and just wear the shorts!

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