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Norrøna Norrona Bitihorn Lightweight Pants Review Best Hiking Pants

Norrøna Bitihorn Lightweight Pants

Norrøna Norrona Bitihorn Lightweight Pants Review Best Hiking Pants

When I flew into Oslo for my Norway trip, one of the first things I did was pop into the Norrøna flagship store in Sentrum. I couldn’t pass up a trip to see Norrøna in real life! They’re only available on Backcountry in the United States… I hope that changes soon, because they have some pretty cool (and colorful!) stuff. I told myself I would only try things on and wait to buy stuff back home because of the exchange rate. But then I saw the Norrøna Bitihorn Pants in Hot Chili aka bright, obnoxious orange, and I had to have it. Backcountry definitely did not have this color in stock.

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Chums Latitude Accessory Cases

Chums Latitude9 and Latitude5 Accessory Case Gear Review

When I’m traveling anywhere, doesn’t matter where, I always bring two things: cosmetics and electronics. And those are two things that I’m really bad at keeping organized. Items always end up stuffed haphazardly wherever they fit or where I can easily reach for security checkpoints. For a while I was stealing my boyfriend’s Eagle Creek pouch, but he eventually wanted it back. When I discovered the Chums Latitude accessory cases, it was a match made in heaven.

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Outlier Daily Riding Pant

Outlier Daily Riding Pants Outlier Daily Riding Pants Outlier Daily Riding Pants Outlier Daily Riding Pants Outlier Daily Riding Pants

If you’re a regular Little Grunts visitor, you know that I love when gear is versatile enough for my office and for outdoor adventures. Cue Outlier, a Brooklyn-based company that makes tailored performance clothing. I got my hands on a pair of the Outlier Daily Riding Pants to test out.

Made of Schoeller DrySkin, these are an incredibly breathable pair of pants that allow for tons of stretch and movement. These are designed for biking, but I’m disastrous with anything requiring wheels and balance, so I did what I do best and hit the trails instead!

These do a great job of repelling light rain. Water just beads up and rolls right off. They won’t fare so well during torrential downpours. But if you’re getting caught in some inclement weather on your way in to work, these ensure that you don’t roll up looking like you just peed your pants.

These also shed dirt and debris quite easily. I always end up rolling around in dirt and climbing in trees while detouring. Give the pants a quick brush and they’re looking like new.

A couple cons? You might want to go a size up from your regular size. These are skin-tight, like, put something in your pocket and everyone-can-really-see-the-bulge tight. This also leads to occasional camel-toe that needs adjusting. These also have a pretty stiff waistband. If you’re prone to eating too many cookies like me, you might also want to size up for a bit more comfort.

Overall, these are a great pair of pants. At $198, they’re a little pricey but the best part is you can wear them all the time and get your money’s worth. The office, the streets, the trails, all are viable playgrounds for the Outlier Daily Riding Pants.

Buy through Outlier via their website!

Pictured above outside Google HQ with the Ahnu Sugarpine Waterproof Hiking Boots, REI Flash 18 Pack, Outdoor Research Enchainment Jacket, and NW Alpine Black Spider Hoody.

This was sent to me for review.

Outdoor Research Incandescent Hoodie

I’ve been drooling over Outdoor Research Incandescent Hoodie after seeing it in various email blasts and gear sites. When Outdoor Research contacted me about participating in #ORInsightLab (What is it? Whitney and Dave explain!), I was lucky enough to have the Incandescent Hoodie arrive at my door. I’m addicted to down jackets; I can’t help it!

Outdoor Research Women's Incandescent Hoodie Review Outdoor Research Women's Incandescent Hoodie Review

Unfortunately it’s been a really warm, dry and snow-less winter in California so my hoodie has not seen much alpine activity. One thing it has seen much of is cold temperatures and long commutes, which isn’t too bad, right?

At 800-fill power, this baby will keep you toasty at below freezing temperatures. The DWR treated 10D Pertex® shell keeps you dry in light precipitation. At 14.4 oz (M size), the warmth to weight ratio is pretty high. The Incandescent also stuffs into its own pocket, conveniently equipped with a tiny ‘biner, for easy packing and stowing. The Incandescent has two hand-zip pockets and one outer chest-zip pocket.

This thing is comfortable beyond belief. I use it as my primary commuting jacket. It’s lightweight, warm, and great for dozing off with on the train. Unlike my Sierra Designs Tov Jacket, it hasn’t shown any signs of wear and it’s been tossed on trains, floors, rocks and backpacks. (Though that may be attributed to the black color.)

The only downside is the size. If you’re a big fan of layering your down jacket underneath your shell, you might need a really big shell. The size/poof to weight ratio is fairly high. It doesn’t pack down well under the majority of my other jackets. It looks downright awkward beneath my Outdoor Research Valhalla jacket. Some people tell me that I look like an eskimo when I wear it.

On the bright side, it’s also got a roomier fit, so you can wear plenty beneath your insulating layer. Above, I’m wearing it with the Triple Aught Design Artemis Hoodie.

All in all, it’s a solid down jacket for its price point and the abuse I’ve put it through nearly every this winter. If Outdoor Research can get the Incandescent Hoodie to be on the trimmer side, it will definitely knock many other brands out of the park.

Purchase the Incandescent Hoodie through Moosejaw, Altrec, or Outdoor Research.

This was sent to me for review.