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Nature’s Coffee Kettle Black Tea

Nature's Coffee Kettle Black Tea Review

It always blows people’s minds when I say I don’t drink coffee. I mean you guys, come on. Do you really think I need extra caffeine? I’m bouncing off the walls 24/7, filled with extreme excitement ALL THE TIME. But sometimes when it’s pre-dawn in the backcountry and my sleeping bag is super snuggly and I really don’t want to get outside of my tent, it’s super nice to have a piping hot cup of something to wake me up. When I’m the only tea drinker in the group, I’ll usually pack in my own tea bags, if I even remember to. In groups? I’m totally sold on Nature’s Coffee Kettle.

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4 Ways to Caffeinate While Camping

4 Ways to Caffeinate While Camping Snowpeak Gigalite Stove

Caffeine withdrawals. It’s a real struggle. Many people think that heading out to the wilderness means giving up luxuries like cushy mattresses, coffee, running water. Okay, you’re giving up most of that, but caffeine doesn’t have to be one of them!

If you’re someone who feels rage without your daily dose of caffeine, read on!

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