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Why Don’t They Look Like Me? The Diversity Dilemma in Outdoor Media

Backpacking Granite Lake in Emigrant Wilderness by Blair Lockhart, the diversity dilemma in outdoor media
4th of July backpacking in Emigrant Wilderness. Photo by Blair Lockhart.

Sometime last year I was tossed on a list of women of color to follow on Instagram. This struck me as odd. Mostly because I don’t particularly identify with being Asian. I’m not Paulina the Asian outdoor blogger. I’m just Paulina, this person who also happens to be yellow. I grew up in the Bay Area, the suburbs of Cupertino to be more precise. I’m fortunate enough to live and play in a place where almost everyone goes outside, regardless of gender, background or skin color. Being a person of color wasn’t really a thing I was aware of. Diversity wasn’t a thing I thought about. It just was. Until recently.

Snowshoe to Huntoon Point

Snowshoe to Huntoon Point

If there’s one thing Washington’s Mt. Baker is famous for, it’s snow. In 2006, Baker set the world record for annual snowfall with nearly 96 feet of powder. Every winter, the mountain’s northeastern slopes are alive with powderhounds seeking out first tracks both inbounds and out. The best way to experience this iconic PNW volcano is to snowshoe or ski tour up to Artist and Huntoon Points for an overnight adventure.

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Snowshoeing Trolltunga

Snowshoeing Trolltunga

Trolltunga was the first thing that was on my list in Norway. It’s basically the Norwegian version of Half Dome, except easier and about a hundred times less scary.

After flying into Oslo Thursday morning, we made the scenic drive out to Odda to snowshoe Trolltunga on Saturday with Trolltunga Active (formerly known as Opplev Odda). Trolltunga Active operates a number of trips in the Hardangerfjord area including climbing Trolltunga, zipline adventures, kayaking, and more. They’re some really cool and patient people if you ever need a guide!

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