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Outdoor Research Onrush Cap

When it comes to wearing things on my head, I’m the world’s biggest not fan. This also includes my hair, which I have been contemplating a big chop off, but that’s an entirely different story.

Head garments never quite fit my head. They’re either too big, or headachingly small. I’m not a fan of having something block my field of vision and slipping over my eyes. I don’t really wear head things to catch sweat. I can’t keep my wild and ridiculous hair off my neck. In general, they’re pretty uncomfortable to me.

When Outdoor Research sent me their Onrush Cap, my first thought was “Oh no, another hat that I’ll hate and it’ll collect dust in my things I’ll never wear drawer”. They proved me wrong. I’m not a hat lover still, but this cap is a-okay.

Outdoor Research Onrush Cap Hat Review Outdoor Research Onrush Cap Hat Review Outdoor Research Onrush Cap Hat Review

At 1.7 oz, this thing is light! It’s like wearing a protective feather on your head. The material is a perforated, polyester mesh, designed to to be super breathable and moisture-wicking. I don’t tend to sweat much on top of my head (I think) so I can’t comment on that. I will say that it wasn’t bulky and didn’t weight me down or cause me to sweat more.

The hat’s piping and logo are reflective, so if you’re running at dawn, dusk or night with this on, people might be able to see you better. I can appreciate the white fabric this is constructed out of; nothing is worse than wearing a hat that absorbs heat. However, for people who sweat bullets, the white fabric might be more of soon to yellow/brown nemesis than an ally. Luckily, it comes in two other colors!

It has a standard hat hole for you to loop your ponytail through. The cap has a buckle closure making it easy to clip onto your pack when you don’t need it. Landon Faulkner of Make Adventure raves about it here. On a side note, Outdoor Research has an Echo Hoody with a ponytail hole, why can’t there be things with better ponytail holes? Granted, it might look a little ridiculous having a high pony coming out of my hat, but it could work. Nothing makes me hate hats more than not being able to pile my hair as far away from my skin as possible. Just a thought.

Final thoughts: the Outdoor Research Onrush cap is a very lightweight cap. It is a tolerable cap and I will probably wear it again when I absolutely hate the sun. If you’re a hat person, you’ll probably like this hat.

Buy through Outdoor Research for $20.

Outdoor Research Ignitor Tee and Giveaway!

Outdoor Research Ignitor Tee ReviewOutdoor Research Ignitor Tee ReviewOutdoor Research Ignitor Tee Review

The Ignitor Tee is an incredibly versatile shirt, designed out of a 100% heathered polyster. Though it’s designed for running, I absolutely hate running so I take it hiking, backpacking and climbing. The trim fit, clingy and heathered fabric prevents the shirt from looking super technical, allowing you to take this seamlessly from the office to the trails.

At approx 4 oz. for a size medium, this shirt takes up very little weight and very little space in your pack, allowing you to travel ultralight. This shirt had no problem performing under a hipbelt or under a harness. I was worried there would be a ton of lift, but the shirt stays put and doesn’t climb.

This has a Polygiene® anti-bacterial treatment to prevent odors, but I didn’t find it effective. After tons of sweating and/or a few days of wear, the stink was pretty noticeable. Luckily, it washed out pretty well. Airing out the shirt for a day or two between wears helped with the odor, but not by much after I got moving. The silky material is very lightweight and moisture-wicking, keeping you cool and dry-ish, even when you’re sweating buckets.

Outdoor Research Ignitor Tee ReviewOutdoor Research Ignitor Tee Review

The shirt has reflective trim and logos to keep you visible in the dark. It also has a small hip pocket for you to hold a credit card, ID, or other small knickknacks. The shirt could honestly do without the hip pocket. It is very small on the XS and wouldn’t fit more than a house key comfortably. The pocket is a foldover pocket, so any intense turbulence might cause things to fall out. A Velcro closure could be added, but that would add extra bulk and bumps. I prefer to not have it at all.

I’m also super duper excited to announce that Little Grunts is now ONE! As a big thank you for reading, supporting, following, tweeting, etc., I’m giving away one Ignitor Tee to one lucky adventurer!! Details are below the break.

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