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Outdoor Research Longhouse Gloves

Outdoor Research Longhouse Gloves Review Outdoor Research Longhouse Gloves Review Outdoor Research Longhouse Gloves ReviewFrom OR, “a warm fleece glove with a thick pile backing for warmth, the Longhouse Gloves™ are made for casual, low-key adventures in brisk weather.”

The material is 100% polyester, heathered, sweater knit with silicon grip pads.

I got the Longhouse Gloves for a steal at $12 from the REI Outlet and a 20% off coupon code. I’ve only had these bad boys for about 3 weeks, but I can definitely say that these are one of the best $12 purchases I’ve ever made.

The Longhouse Glove is incredibly versatile with use as an outdoor and commuter glove. These seem to run fairly true to size. Mine are a size small and fit quite snugly with a ton of give so you can perform day-to-day activities without strangling your fingers or losing mobility. (For reference, I’m 5 feet tall and approximately 105 pounds)

The fleece knit material is lightweight and warm as a daily driver. The Longhouse Gloves also make a great cool weather hiking glove. Breathable and light, it provides adequate protection from the wind and cold. The fleece is a bit on the thicker side, so these might not work as well as a liner glove.

Cons? The wrist gauntlet is a little bulky and can be hard to tuck under my sleeve for seamless integration. These don’t seem to be super well made; the fingers seem to be pulling at the seams on the right hand and some of the silicon pads are starting to lift from the fabric. Oh, and the”OR” logo might be off putting for those who don’t want to be a giant brand billboard.

All in all, $12 wasn’t too bad of a price, so they still get an A in my book. Buy through Moosejaw ($30) or REI ($14.97).