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Platypus Meta Bottle and Filter

Platypus Meta Bottle and Filter Review

When packing for the #UintasHike16, I wanted to shave as much weight off as possible. More weight and stuff means more of a chance I’d need to check a bag. And I hate checking bags because it’s so inefficient. I want to be on and off a plane, lickety split. I explored a few options to not bring a true water filter… LifeStraw Go, Vapur MicroFilter, and eventually settled on the Platypus Hydration Meta Bottle with filter.

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LifeStraw Go

LifeStraw Go Review

I first got wind of LifeStraw when bloggers were reviewing them left and right and sharing all over social media. I didn’t really get it. As hikers, backpackers, adventurers, we’re used to carting water all across the wilderness. But what if we didn’t have guaranteed reliable water sources to slurp from? The straw is useless.

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Hydrapak Wooly Bottle – 25 oz

Hydrapak Wooly Bottle 25 oz. review

When you think Primaloft, do you think of water bottles? No? Well, Hydrapak is here to prove you wrong.

The Hydrapak Wooly is not my first encounter with an insulated bottle; I currently own a Klean Kanteen that’s like a tank. If you are looking for something to keep cold beverages cold and your hot beverages hot without adding a ton of weight, the Wooly is for you.

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Vapur Element Anti-Bottle

Vapur Element 1 Liter Review

I was lucky enough to score big time in the first ever #YonderGames with a Vapur Element bottle!

I’ve never really understood the appeal of these “anti-bottles”. But now I get it.

My Vapur Element holds 1L of water. The fact that it’s clear makes you hyper-aware of just how much water you are drinking. You can see every ounce disappear into your body, and you’re watching the plastic shrink as it happens!

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