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Jotunheimen National Park: Vettisfossen

Jotunheimen Vettisfossen Hike

The next stop after Bergen was Årdal to visit my friend Kris at Utladalen Camping and explore a tiny fraction of Jotunheimen National Park. First on our list was Vettisfossen.

With a drop of 275 meters (or 902 feet), Vettisfossen is the tallest unregulated waterfall in northern Europe—meaning it doesn’t go through a hydroelectric power station. The trail begins on a tractor road that follows the Utla river. It winds around and crosses the river several times before ending at Vetti Gard.

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Modalen Mo Norway

Modalen is a magical little valley just an hour outside of Bergen. This quiet little valley is so quiet that you can actually get paid to live here; they need more people. We stopped by Bergen kaffebrenneri in Bergen and the barista suggested we head out here for a drive. It was a beautiful destination.

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Låtefossen: Norway’s twin waterfalls

Låtefossen is one of Norway’s most famous waterfalls. Located in Oddalen, or Odda Valley, this is one of the most accessible waterfalls. It’s right off of Norwegian National Road 13 (E13). This waterfall begins as two separate streams coming from Låtevatnet cascading down the rock wall before joining and flowing underneath the road. It’s seriously a spectacular sight.

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Snowshoeing Trolltunga

Snowshoeing Trolltunga

Trolltunga was the first thing that was on my list in Norway. It’s basically the Norwegian version of Half Dome, except easier and about a hundred times less scary.

After flying into Oslo Thursday morning, we made the scenic drive out to Odda to snowshoe Trolltunga on Saturday with Trolltunga Active (formerly known as Opplev Odda). Trolltunga Active operates a number of trips in the Hardangerfjord area including climbing Trolltunga, zipline adventures, kayaking, and more. They’re some really cool and patient people if you ever need a guide!

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