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Noso Puffy Patches Review

Noso Patches Review

As outdoorspeople, one thing will always ring true: your gear isn’t indestructible. Puffies rip. Jackets snag. Pants split.

Noso Patches are the funnest and easiest way to repair rips, snags, or tears in your favorite clothes. Extend the life of your most beloved items by slapping on a patch.

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Five Bay Area Experiences to Gift This Holiday Season

As I grow older, I realize that giving presents is something I’ve really grown to dislike. I don’t want to give stuff anymore. We all have too much stuff. My parents have too much stuff. I have too much stuff. Stuff doesn’t last. Stuff breaks. Stuff gets thrown away. Experiences are better.

Get out there and make some unforgettable memories with this list of five awesome Bay Area experiences to gift your friend, your mother, or whomever.

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Six Gifts for the Outdoor Advocate in Your Life

Backpacking Fourth of July Lake, Mokelumne Wilderness, June 2017

With the holidays dead ahead, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for family and friends. I love the process of giving presents, and thinking about things people would really adore. I’m not big on giving stuff if it’s not meaningful. I scoured the internet to find a few items that I would really love. So, I present to you, six gifts for the outdoor advocate in your life.

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