Woolx Mia V-Neck T-Shirt

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Woolx Mia Lightweight V-Neck T-ShirtReview

Like down jackets, one thing you can never have too much of is merino wool shirts! I mean, these thing get holes so quickly, owning about a million is really just prolonging the life of the shirt or something. At least that’s what I tell myself. When it comes to merino wool, I take the purchase whatever’s cheapest and in my size which means lots of crew necks and never any nice, fitted V-necks… until the Woolx Mia Lightweight V-Neck T-Shirt came along!


The fabric is superfine 17.5 micron 100% Australian Merino Wool. It’s super light and extra soft. The pure merino wool fabric on the Woolx Mia keeps wicks away moisture during long, hot approaches and keeps you warm when the temps drop in the evening. Its anti-microbial and anti-odor properties means it’s okay to only wear one shirt all week; you won’t smell. The fit is nice, trim and flattering.

I super love this for all of my weekend adventures. This has somehow become the only shirt I wear. It doesn’t stink and it’s so ridiculously soft. It’s got a great cut, and the color is fantastic.

My only gripe is the Woolx Mia is 100% merino wool, and wool wears down pretty fast. My shirt has some holes from random abrasions, buttons and backpack wear, but I’ll still take it out until it’s on its very last legs.

Buy the Woolx Mia through Woolx for $64.99.

Last updated on December 4, 2017.


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