Mountain Hardwear Optic Vue 2.5 Tent

Mountain Hardwear Optic Vue 2.5 Tent Review

For the past few years I’ve been relying on my Tarptent Scarp 2 or my Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 1 for any of my tenting adventures. They’re both great, but the Tarptent is designed to be an ultralight, small thing and the Mountain Ultra only sleeps one. I wanted something that was big enough for two with more room for luxuries. When Mountain Hardwear gave us the chance to pick out our ambassador kits for the winter season, I jumped at the chance at working with the Optic Vue 2.5.

Mountain Hardwear Optic Vue 2.5 Tent Review

The tent comes with a rainfly, the tent itself, guy lines, poles, and stakes. No footprint is included. The tent floor area is 27 square feet. Vestibule area is 12 square feet and 6 square feet. When packed, it weighs approximately 6 lb and 3 oz. Two mesh doors with ties upon ties upon ties to roll the door flaps back however you’d like means lots of ventilation and gorgeous views at all times. The rain fly has duo vestibules so you’re not falling into your tent soaking wet and your gear stays dry. The interior has tons of stretchy mesh pockets for storage.

A Weekend in Joshua Tree #rallythetribe

From torrential downpours in Bishop, ridiculously high winds in Red Rock and Joshua Tree, and even snow in Joe’s Valley, this tent has been with me through it all. This tent has kept me and my belongings protected through all sorts of weather without fail. It’s roomy enough for two people and gear in the tent, but you can also just toss the gear out in the vestibules as well. The tent will easily fit two Litespeed Outdoor sleeping pads or two Metolius Session pads with room to spare.


Set up is fast and easy with three poles, two across and one for better roof stability. The poles slip into eyelets on either corner and snap into the tent body, while the roof pole slips into two eyelets on top to add extra shape.

The Optic Vue is kind of heavy for backcountry trips, but if I needed a tent or wanted the luxury of all the space, it would work, no doubt. However, I’ve primarily used the Optic Vue 2.5 as a car camping tent; when I have the luxury of driving to my campsites, I’m bringing the coziest tent I have.

Buy the Optic Vue 2.5 through Mountain Hardwear, Amazon, REI, or CampSaver for $240.