Hiking Kings Creek Falls and Sifford Lake Loop, Lassen Volcanic National Park

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Water level was a little low and quality was a little questionable without boiling, but still drinkable and swimmable. The cliffs by the lake also offer some great views of the forest.

Lassen Volcanic NP: Kings Creek Falls, Bench Lake & Sifford Lake

It was a fairly mellow trail that wound through redwoods. I wasn’t terribly impressed by most of it other than the Kings Creek Falls section. This a hit it and quit it trail; probably won’t be back to see most of it again.

Lassen Volcanic NP: Kings Creek Falls, Bench Lake & Sifford Lake

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Hiking Mount Lassen

Lassen Volcanic National Park Mt. Lassen

Took a few days off work to extend my 4th of July weekend and headed up to Lassen Volcanic National Park for the first time, ever. I’m super jealous of all the families I saw camping around me; I wish my parents were more into that when I was younger! We spent a few days exploring as much of the park as we could. Prepare yourself for an onslaught of my Lassen adventures! But first, my favorite adventure… hiking Mt. Lassen on the 4th of July!

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Ventana Wilderness: Junipero Serra Peak

Ventana Wilderness: Junipero Serra Peak

Drove down this past weekend to Los Padres National Forest with every intention to bag Junipero Serra Peak. (For the record, the drive down at night is gorgeous with millions of stars as far as the eye can see, so that was worth it in itself.) Did I bag it? Not even close. I underestimated the scorching sun, unforgiving heat, lack of shade, and desolate dryness of this side of the Santa Lucia Range.

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Purisima Creek Redwoods OSP: #HellHikeAndRaft Tweetup

Purisima Creek Redwoods #HellHikeAndRaft Tweetup

I am super happy and excited to announce that I’m joining this year’s Hell Hike and Raft crew! I’ll be heading off to Idaho and Hell’s Canyon early September for three days of backpacking and three days of rafting with some stellar folks.

It just so happens that two of my teammates, Russ Beebe the Winehiker and Annie Yearout the OutdoorsyMama, are located in the Bay Area! We decided to have a little tweetup to get to know each other and do some mild training for the trip.

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