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Outdoor Research Turbine Shorts

The Outdoor Research Turbine Shorts are a pair of shorts I would never pick up for myself. Probably. So when the crew at Outdoor Research sent me these as a part of #ORInsightLab, I was pretty skeptical. I mean, they have built-in underwear! And from my experience as a child with built-in underwear, it was not comfortable nor something I ever wanted to experience again.

Outdoor Research Turbine Shorts Outdoor Research Turbine Shorts Outdoor Research Turbine Shorts

After one round out with the Turbine shorts, these quickly became my favorite, trumping my long standing love affair with the Outdoor Research Contour Shorts. First, they are incredibly lightweight; it’s like I’m not wearing shorts at all. At 3.6 oz, these are great for ultralight backpacking, or for tucking in your pack when you’re unsure of what weather will come your way.

Second, they’re a polyester short with spandex “inner short” (as Outdoor Research calls it) so they dry incredibly quickly. I pulled them on after a quick swim and the shorts were dry before my bikini bottoms were. These are practically ready to go right out of the washing machine if you’re in a rush.

They’re loose-fitting giving you a range of motion and comfort for hiking, running, sitting on long road trips, or just lounging.

I’m still undecided on this whole built-in underwear thing. Wearing two pairs of underwear takes some adjustment. Wearing no underwear feels downright mentally strange, like a bear will pants me at any minute. It’s doable both ways. It just comes down to whatever you prefer. I’ve primarily been doing the double underwear.

Other features include a reflective trim and reflective logo for those evening jaunts. The shorts also come with a zippered back pocket, but that’s utterly useless to me since I have nothing tiny or comfortable enough to store there.

In short, I freakin’ love these shorts and I feel sorry for my Contour shorts because I don’t think I’ve worn those all summer.

Buy through Outdoor Research or Moosejaw for $49.

Outdoor Research Contour Shorts

Outdoor Research Contour Shorts reviewOutdoor Research Contour Shorts reviewTop: Outdoor Research Contour shorts in Aster on top of Half Dome in Yosemite, right before sunrise. Bottom: Outdoor Research Countour shorts in Black at Wilder Ranch State Park in Santa Cruz, CA

I’m generally not a huge fan of shorts made by outdoor brands. They’re always kind of frumpy, all the wrong length, borderline capris. I mean, come on. I’m 5′ tall. Anything cut between mid-thigh and my feet will make me look at a stump. But Paulina! You are doing things outdoors and getting dirty and not showering, why does it matter if you look like a stump or not? It just does.

So cue the Outdoor Research Contour shorts, aka outdoor shorts from the gods, so good I bought two pairs within two weeks of each other:

A Jill-of-all-trades soft shell short, the lightweight, durable Contour™ is a staple for everything from boulder-hopping scree field approaches, to battling up sun-baked granite walls, to skirting icy creeks overflowing with spring runoff. The comfortable, tightly woven fabric blocks alpine wind but still breathes well, and a gusseted crotch facilitates long, dynamic movements. A low-profile waist slides easily under a harness, a zippered thigh pocket holds essential items and the Cordura®/spandex blend fabric shrugs off the wear and tear of the trail.

These are awesome. They’re cut in an extremely flattering way; form-fitting enough to not look like you’re wearing a parachute, yet loose enough for dynamic movements. Oh, and they’re actually shorts that are kind of short, but not too short!

The Contour shorts have two slip pockets for your hands. They will fit an iPhone 4S with a bulky case on. The shorts also have two zipper pockets on both sides, good for carrying your Fitbit.

These are super lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking. They don’t really hold odors, either. I have a tendency to accidentally on purpose forget a change of clothes on weekend trips. These hold up well to multiple days of use without washing.

My only gripe? There aren’t back pockets. Not that you really need back pockets if you’ve got a backpack or a harness on, but when you’re just wandering around like a normal civilian, sometimes they’re nice to have.

The waist is cut a little high too, but not a deal breaker in my opinion. Personally, I’m kind of a fan since my shirts tend to ride up under my harness, so a little extra protection is nice.

Get these from Moosejaw for $75. You can also find these at the Outdoor Research retail store. If you’re in the Seattle area, I highly recommend stopping by. These guys are super cool and super nice and will entertain your every question and tell you cool stories and maybe even give you a tour of the place which also happens to have a bouldering wall (true story, it happened to me). Also, if you check in on Foursquare, you get 20% off. For Yelpers, it’s 15%.